How do I know the Vaccines are Stored Properly?

The storage and stability of all our vaccines is a top priority. We use VFC Compliant Pharmacy Grade vaccine refrigerators and transport carriers. Each has its own continuous monitoring thermometer to ensure the required optimal temperature ranges are maintained from the time of delivery to our facility to the time they are administered.


How We Keep You Safe

Here are the precautions taken to ensure a safe and clean environment during your appointment. For your protection a gown, face mask and gloves are worn. In addition…

  • All vaccines are ordered directly from the manufacturer. (When direct ordering is available.)
  • Universal utilization of sanitizer.
  • Table coverings will be laid out and sanitized.
  • Sterile technique is used for all inoculations.
  • Regulated containers will be utilized for the disposal of all syringes and needles.

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